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What is your interest in social media and health? Why do you think this work is important?

As a genetic counselor, I’ve seen patients’ growing desire to take a more active role in their care. Part of this stems from greater access to quality information on the internet and via social media. In addition to information, social media’s reach is almost unparalleled in its ability to create a channel for connection, opinion, and support for patients, providers, and family members. When done well, I see this as a tremendous opportunity to elevate the healthcare experience for everyone involved.

Where did you do your training?

All the places! My career journey started in direct patient care. After completing a BS at North Carolina State University and an MS in Genetic Counseling at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, I became a prenatal genetic counselor. After eight years, I decided to pursue an opportunity in industry and had the great fortune of building a team of medical science liaisons tasked with making a novel testing technique standard of care. This experience helped me understand the power of digital media and how it might be leveraged in the world of healthcare. Craving more tangible skills, I pursued a Certificate in Digital Health Communication through Tufts University School of Medicine. Through this program, I began to mesh the skills acquired from my varied background into a comprehensive approach that combines an understanding of the patient experience, the business aspects of industry, and the power of the digital world.

What are your preferred social media platforms?

The three apps on my phone are Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. I use the first for personal connections, the second to network, and the third to demonstrate the work I do as a digital health consultant. I’ve learned that three platforms is my sweet spot. I have a purpose for each and can keep up with all of them consistently.

What’s a recent social media success?

At our surprise wedding, my husband and I handed out red foam noses to all our guests and asked them to take pictures for Red Nose Day. Red Nose Day is a campaign with the powerful mission of ending childhood poverty. We announced the surprise of our nuptials on Facebook and Twitter on Red Nose Day with, of course, red noses, and encouraged everyone to share the photos with the #rednoseday. The effort was a huge success, and we saw pictures of our guests with red noses pop up for weeks thereafter. Social media is such a powerful force for philanthropy, and it was a blessing to be able to make that mission part of our perfect day.

Updated: January 2020

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